Big Grove Brewery needed to update and improve the quality of the brewery’s brand image. Graham Spencer contacted Steven Noble to come up with a unique and creative way to combine elements of both hops with an oak tree and include a half acorn half hop logo mark. The end result were original and conceptual illustrations never visualized before for an identity.

Client Background:
Solon, Iowa is a tiny bedroom community just outside Iowa City. It is home to one of the finest small craft brewery/restaurants in the United State: Big Grove Brewery. In 2016, Big Grove was executing a dramatic expansion into a 28,000 sq. ft property in Iowa City that features a 10X increase in brewing capacity to 10,000 bbl/yr (310,000 gallons). 

Big Grove’s ultimate goal is to be a hub of activity, fun and hometown love in a newly redeveloping sector of the city they cherish; to continue to serve up great beer and food and to help preserve and protect Iowa’s natural spaces and local culture.
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