Break & Partners ,along with art director Giuseppe Mascia, commissioned Steven Noble to illustrate a series of thirteen custom illustrations for Bottega Vinai (located in Italy) all delicately hand-rendered on scratchboard.

Bottega Vinai collection is a fine expression of winemaking in Trentino, providing a complete overview of the wines the region has to offer. The challenge was to enhance the features of each wine (13 total), keeping consistency across the line. The first step was to build a strong icon, linked to the territory and suitable for each bottle. Taking inspiration form the Trentino shape itself, we agreed the butterfly was the natural representation of a country rich in flora and fauna such as Trentino. We commissioned 13 scratchboard illustrations, picturing the specific landscapes where the vines were grown. In order to highlight the properties of the single wines we selected different bottle shapes and grouped the red wines with gold finishing and the white ones with silver. - See more at:
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