Jim Carey of CKS Creative commissioned Steven Noble to render the illustration for Buried Cane's new wine label. The vine tree depicts the vines unique process.

Located in Washington State (Columbia Valley, to be precise, the winery gets cold in winter and once or twice each decade, the owners have to deal with a vine-killing freeze. And some vineyards do bury canes (especially those that have the most valuable grapes burying and un-burying canes is a lot of work).

BURIED CANE is a tip-of-the-cap to the place that makes the wines. Real Northwest style.
It's a cold-climate winegrowing technique. A green-growing vine cane is pulled down and buried in the vine row. This protects it from a hard freeze that might kill the parent vine to the ground. If that happens, the buried cane can be unburied and trained up to replace the freeze-killed parent vine.

 The illustration was hand etched on scratchboard and supplied digitally.
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