Espolon is one of the most successful brands in the Campari portfolio.The brand was born from a simple insight. Consumers were looking for the authenticity of a product consumed by true Mexicans.The brand called upon Steven Noble talents to create a story of every day life, struggle and social injustice in Mexico. Espolon re-interprets scenes from this Mexican legacy, defining a visual narrative across the bottles.

The various scenes depict a moment in Mexican history. A rooster named," Ramon" was introduced and named after the master distiller. He is a key participant in every story, always appearing in an unexpected manner.  The success of the brand led to the introduction of a new line of reposado tequilas aged in specialty barrels. Building on the same theme, and highlighting the specialty barrel component, we created a long illustration depicting of a barrel assembly line. The making, handling and aging process, with Ramon continuing to be present as the symbol of independence.
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