Ethan May Design commissioned Steven Noble to render an original illustration for Ghost Dog Whiskey's brandmark owned by Chambers Bay Distillery. The challenge was to create an illustration that included a dog holding a pepper in it's mouth which is
symbolic to their pepper whiskey flavor.
Chambers Bay Distillery was founded in 2012 and became a fully licensed distillery in 2014. As their mission statement says, they value “uniquely extraordinary spirits” and they knocked it out of the park with Ghost Dog Whiskey. Infused with ghost peppers, some of the hottest in the world, the Ghost Dog Whiskey has a smoky sweetness with a burning hot finish. 
The whiskey is made in honor of ex-British soldiers battling oppression during the late 19th century who would consume ghost peppers before battle to show strength. As they usually struck their enemies at night, their legacy became known as the “Ghost Dogs.” In order to capture the heart and spirit of the “Ghost Dogs,” Chambers Bay Distillery placed the “Ghost Dog” image on the label. The vibrant label draws your eye to the pepper held in its mouth, inviting you to try the whiskey.
This label was digitally printed on foil. The metallic-inspired label makes the bottle radiate and reflect light adding extra depth and shine to the bottle while matching the label color to the cap. Made with a custom die-cut, Chambers Bay was able to implement creativity in the label design. Ghost Dog is yet another example of how Elite Label can make your bottles shine with a daring finish. Elite Label has been serving the spirits industry for over 5 years and remains committed to continuous improvement and constant innovation.
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