Kraken Rum commissioned a large number of illustrations that were all hand-rendered and created by Steven Noble for their series of animations and assembled over wire frames with separate Photoshop layers that included shadows, midtones and highlights that took over 3 months to complete. This allowed the illustrations to be pealed and disassembled like layers on the surface of an onion.
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These animations appeared in television ads nationwide across the US during the ESPN March Madness that includes "Existence," Strength" and Survival."

Wire Frame 1
Wire Frame 2
Wire Frame 3
Sperm Whale Illustration
Sperm Whale Illustration 2
Sperm Whale Illustration 3
Submarine Illustration 
Submarine Illustration 2
Kraken Eyes
Kraken Eyes Close-up
Kraken Eye Detail
Kraken Globe Illustration 
Globe Detail 
Scuba Diver Illustration 
Harpoon Illustration Detail 1
Harpoon Illustration Detail 2
Harpoon/Mobile Phone Morphing 
Mobile Phone Illustration 
Hand Holding Mobile Phone Illustration  
Hands Holding Mobile Phone Kraken App
Kraken Mobile App 
Lighthouse Illustration 
Lighthouse Illustration 2
Kraken and Ship
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