Rancho Viñedo
In 1855, a 8,901 acre land grant in the present day Santa Maria Valley was given to Juan Pacifico and Martina Ontiveros. Today, a portion of this very same land is the home of Rancho Viñedo, the vineyard owned and operated by Juan Pacifico and Martina’s great great great grandson, James Ontiveros. The wine is an expression of the rugged terrain of the vineyard itself, and our labels tell the story of nine generations of Californians farming the same land. Steven Noble created a custom engraving of the view from James’ family’s property looking down onto his vineyard, and the logo mark embossed on the label and shown on the capsule features the Ontiveros family cattle mark. Finally, touches of metallic ink, foil, and debossing come together to bring this label to life.
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