Luis Besana commissioned Steven Noble to render the illustration for Tekali that includes the legendary story of the Arab Princess Bunna and Tecuilán a warrior known for his bravery in combat from Mexico and how the princess brought over a treasure to the New World originally from Ethiopia that included a richly fragrant infusion called Coffee. 

Tecuilán and the Princess decided to stay where they were and founded a new town called Tekali, meaning house of stone. They thought that their love was so strong because the same love had been the home of two of the most intimate revelations of the earth : Tequila and Coffee. Nobody has ever known the exact location of Tekali. It is rumored that years later a group of European explorers had found it tasted a delicious drink that could purify the soul, but they could never prove it. Some others tried to find it, and even died in the attempt, but nobody could find Tekali.  The closest anyone has ever come was a monk who died centuries ago. He had a diary with pictures of a stone city amidst a green field full of shrubs with small red fruits and a woman, wrapped in a turban with fabric that sparkled like the stars, only showing her deep brown eyes. At the bottom of the picture was the word Tekali.

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